Education Programs
Education Programs

Birch Aquarium Instructors

Who teaches Education Programs at Birch Aquarium at Scripps? A team of dedicated and experienced educators with a diverse background in marine, environmental, geological, and/or biological science, in addition to informal and formal education.  Each instructor has a BA or BS degree in science or education, at least one year of experience teaching science at an informal education facility and has worked with diverse audiences.

Our experienced Instructors deliver educational programs to all age levels, from pre-K to adult, on a variety of topics. One day may be teaching first graders about sea stars and hermit crabs and another may be presenting the latest research on climate change to high school students. All Instructors employ current best-teaching strategies and inquiry-based learning.

Interested in becoming an Instructor? The Birch Aquarium Education Department posts open instructor positions on the UCSD hiring Web page at  - type "aquarium" in the search bar to find current Birch Aquarium listings. Generally, positions are posted twice a year, fall and spring.

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