Wedges Game

The Stabilization Wedges Game was developed by the Carbon Mitigation Initiative (CMI), a joint project of Princeton University, British Petroleum, and the Ford Motor Company to find solutions to the greenhouse gases and global warming problem.

To get on track to avoiding dramatic climate change, the world must avoid emitting about 200 billion tons of carbon, or eight 25 billion ton "wedges," over the next 50 years. This is the heart of CMI's "Stabilization Wedges" concept, a simple framework for understanding the carbon emissions cuts needed to avoid dramatic climate change, and the tools already available to do so.

The Stabilization Wedges Game is a team-based exercise that teaches players about the scale of the carbon dioxide emissions problem, plus technologies that already exist to dramatically reduce emissions and get us off the path to damaging climate change. Players pick 8 carbon-cutting strategies to construct a carbon mitigation portfolio, filling in the 8 "wedges" of the stabilization triangle.

Go to to download an up-to-date copy of the "Stabilization Wedges Game Guide" and view additional resources, including a Flash movie introduction, Teacher's Guide, and slides and graphics.

Note: The Wedges Game is oriented toward high school students, but may be adapted for middle school grades.