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Birch Aquarium is the public interpretive center for Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and both are part of UC San Diego. Due to the unmistakable link between climate change and higher levels of greenhouse gases and heat-absorbing particles in the atmosphere, UC San Diego has made sustainability a top academic, research, and campus-operations priority.

Today it is a living laboratory for the development of sustainable solutions. Generating clean energy from renewable resources is an essential pillar of sustainability. UC San Diego scientists are actively researching, engineering, and testing new energy technologies – from solar power and fusion to biofuels.

Solar photovoltaic arrays, an ultra-low-emission, high-efficiency gas-fired cogeneration plant, and a varietySolar panels on Birch Aquarium's roof. of energy-efficiency projects (both new construction and retrofits) have significantly reduced our greenhouse gas emissions and now save the campus more than $8 million annually. These include solar PV arrays on the roof of Birch Aquarium.


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