Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

 Visitors and members can now the Loggerhead Sea Turtle in the Hall of Fishes at BIrch Aquarium! Watch the video about the turtle's trip to San Diego.

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Meet Our New Loggerhead Sea Turtle (including a video of the turtle's first meal at the aquarium!)
Behind the scenes update

Found injured in a cooling canal for a New Jersey power plant, the loggerhead sea turtle was immediately sent to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine, NJ for monitoring and care. After three weeks, she was sent to the South Carolina Aquarium via private plane for further evaluation and treatment.

Due to her extensive injuries, the turtle was deemed non-releasable. In addition to complex injuries, her pre-existing health issues including scoliosis, place her at high risk for further injury. If released in the wild, she would not survive. Since the South Carolina Aquarium aides sick and injured sea turtles through its Sea Turtle Rescue program, they needed to find a permanent home for this particular animal.

And so she is now at BIrch Aquarium to teach more than 430,000 visitors annually about sea turtles around the world! 

This inspiring story will highlight Birch Aquarium’s role in protecting and caring for endangered animals as part of our mission to promote ocean conservation. 

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More About Loggerhead Sea Turtles:

  • Loggerheads need our protection--they face threats on the beaches where they nest as well as in the oceans.
  • The greatest cause of decline and the biggest major threat to these turtles around the world is getting accidentally caught in fishing gear.
  • Sea turtles are protected by several international treaties, agreements, and laws.
  • Their incredible range spans all but the most chilly waters of oceans worldwide.
  • The largest of all hard-shelled turtles, loggerheads can be identified by their massive heads, strong jaws, and reddish-brown shells.
  • Adult males reach approximately three feet (nearly one meter) in shell length and weigh about 250 pounds (113 kg), although loggerheads of 500+ pounds (227 kg) have been spotted.
  • Sea turtles can swim as fast as 15 mi (24 km) per hour.

Sources: National Geographic and NOAA


Birch Aquarium at Scripps thanks the following for their support of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle:
Charles Kennel and Ellen Lehman
Currie and Thomas Barron
MaeAnn Garty
Sydney Kinsella
Charles Scripps, Jr.
Friends of Birch Aquarium

Our special thanks to the anonymous donors of this exhibit; in recognition of their generosity, the boat you'll see in the turtle's tank has been named Lola. 


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