Gray whale, Eschrichtius robustus

Whales: Voices in the Sea

An interactive traveling display at Birch Aquarium at Scripps


Unlock the mysteries of undersea communication with Whales: Voices in the Sea, a traveling exhibit on loan from Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach to coincide with San Diego's gray whale migration season mid-December through March.

This interactive display demonstrates how whales use complex sounds to communicate in and navigate around their world. Visitors can listen to the calls of seven types of whales, try recording their own whale calls, and view videos about their lives in the ocean.

Whales: Voices in the Sea explores the sounds of humpback, sperm, gray, blue, beaked, and Northern right whales. Video segments feature each of the whales in their natural habitat, including rare footage of the elusive beaked whale. Many whale species are compromised as whales struggle to adapt to an increasingly louder ocean environment and the threats of environmental changes.

Scientists are researching the importance of whale communication and the opportunities these vocalizations present in the study and conservation of whales. Profile interviews with featured scientists shed light on population issues and conservation efforts pertaining to each of the whale species. These interviews include: Dr. John Hildebrand of Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Dr. John Calambokiis of Cascadia Research; Dr. Sue Moore of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration; Dr. Roger Payne of Ocean Alliance; and Dr. Jorge Urban of Universidad Aut noma de Baja California (Mexico).

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